Hello, welcome to the beautiful island of Madeira!

We are Paul and Nicole from Belgium. Previously, we often came here on vacation, now we live and work here.

When we came here as a tourist, we always found it difficult to use the wide variety of existing websites. We had to keep it all together and often it was difficult to read on the small phone or tablet screen.

Therefore we have created this handy guide for you. You can find almost everything you will need during your holidays and it is optimally usable and readable on a mobile device.

Please excuse us if the translation is not always optimal, most users understand what we offer.

Enjoy your holiday!

Hikes, events, sights, excursions

Visit our favourites: Gardens, Markets, Nature, Museums, Pools and Areas, Viewpoints, Capsules, Promenades, Beaches, Cable Car, Watermill, Caves, Culture, Wine Cellar, Lighthouse, etc.

Many of the destinations already have a navigation link and we add more navigation every day.